Loading and unloading

Complete systems for loading/unloading of retorts and retort crates
Rack handling system for retortable cartons
Retort shuttle car with FDA compliant tracking system
Loading of alu trays in crates, vacuum method
Loading/unloading system for doypack bags
Robotic loading of pouches in trays
Loading/unloading system for pots & cups

Jorgensen retort handling systems
For industries using retorts to sterilize their products, we have developed systems for the loading and unloading of retort crates and shuttles for retorts.

  • Customization and automation degree complying with the application
  • Systems for round and square retort crates
  • Automatic dispensing and removal of divider plates
  • Transport of empty retort crates between the unloading and the loading stations is optional
  • Modular approach with solutions to suit new or existing retort systems
  • Range from semi-automatic to fully automatic loading/unloading
  • Supply of various shuttle types, tipping devices & turntables

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