We take action by sustainable innovation.

"The world of Jorgensen is to create value for society as well as the company itself"

CEO Kenneth Bo Madsen

Our responsibilities


Sustainability is no longer optional. For Jorgensen it is a strategic imperative and we are constantly taking sustainability initiatives to reduce energy consumption and climate-impacting emissions.

Walk the talk: by providing our customers with the market's most efficient handling solutions together with data collection, simulation, emulation, line care and digital remote support we strive to reduce the general carbon footprint and environmental impact by less travelling, less downtime for customers and less faults.

A responsible and sustainable value chain is furthermore guaranteed as Jorgensen's sub-suppliers are obliged to comply with our code of conduct. The aim is to protect the consumers as well as our customers' brand image.


Our social responsibility ensures that our processes and products do not have a negative impact on our customer's brand, people's health or our environment.
A secure, safe and healthy workplace is one of the most important sustainability issues for Jorgensen and we continually strive to ensure a good working environment with regards to both physical and psychosocial factors.

We are a longtime member of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) and SMETA 4-Pillar audited. The Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit ensures our customers responsible sourcing and transparency within labor standards, health and safety in the workplace, environment and ethical business practices.


In order to be profitable, it is important to use all your resources with care and to work efficiently at every stage. Since 1933, Jorgensen has had a clear focus on long-term, profitable growth. The long-term approach is Jorgensen's DNA and permeates all parts of our business.

Our external stakeholder relations are also characterized by a long-term approach, where good business ethics and compliance with laws and regulations are a precondition for trust. We respect generally accepted business practice and comply with United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC).

By constantly analysing and adopting suitable new technologies and being at the forefront with regards to product development, robotics, automation and digitalization, we aim to ensure that the Jorgensen's production has the least possible impact on health and the environment, at the same time as being conducted efficiently and profitably.

Social responsibility

We are a member of Sedex and SMETA 4-Pillar audited

Sustainability reports

Jorgensen Engineering is a member of the XANO Group which develops, acquires and operates manufacturing businesses with unique or market-leading products and systems with related services. XANO publishes annual reports on sustainability status and initiatives within the group.

From the 2019 sustainability report

New technology making the world smaller

Jorgensen Engineering installs complete production facilities for the international food industry all over the world. The facilities' capacity and efficiency are ranked among the very best in the sector, contributing to secure, reliable production operations for customers. "At Jorgensen, we know how important it is for the customer's facility to be able to produce 24/7, all year round, and through new technology we are effectively minimising the risk of costly operational stoppages. With the aid of AR technology, our experts can now rapidly be 'on site' with the customer," says Jens Nyeng, then CEO of Jorgensen.

The AR technology means that the customer's operator can easily get in direct contact with Jorgensen's experts in Denmark, in real time. Using special AR glasses, Jorgensen's employees can see exactly what the person on the site is seeing, which makes the work considerably easier. These glasses also provide the customer with information about the efficiency of the facility, any maintenance requirements, as well as access to manuals.

"You could say that our AR solutions are reducing the geographic distance, and when you have customers all over the world, like we do, this provides major benefits both for them and for us. We can now provide effective support in real time, no matter where in the world our customers are located," says Jens, who also emphasises the significant environmental benefits due to the reduction in air travel.

VR technology has also produced substantial benefits for Jorgensen's customers. Large amounts of data can be analysed much more quickly than was possible just a few years ago, which is creating increased efficiency and customer benefit.

"When we are designing large-scale facilities for our customers, we can present the facility in a VR environment in advance. This allows the customer to get a feel for what the system will look like before it is produced and installed," says Jens.

All in all, this helps to optimise the customer’s investment, minimise the installation time and rectify any faults before the facility is put into production. To all intents and purposes, the customer can test new products in a virtual environment before they are produced in a real one. This increases food safety, delivery reliability and, not least, the security of Jorgensen's customers.


Our passion is to see a smile on the face of our customers!

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