Other industries

Jorgensen's long record of unrivalled project skills and customisation experience primarily in the food segment have been transferred to other sectors in need of industrial automation.
Automotive & battery industries, plastic packaging, paint & coating and hospital sectors can all benefit from our extensive automation expertise.

Handling system for various products

Case erector
Case packing
Closing machine
Palletising system

Unparalleled automation know-how

Handling solutions across industries

"Throughout the years we have developed and implemented numerous state-of-the-art handling systems in various industries.

Our extensive experience with automation and key drivers such as efficiency, flexibility and quality is applicable across all industries. Independent of end product and industry sector we help our customers to optimise their production lines."

Per V. Rasmussen, Sales Manager at Jorgensen

Intelligent logistics solutions

Buffering and transport systems

We deliver scalable and fully automated buffering and transport systems taking end-to-end responsibility.

The fully automated and intelligent infrastructure ensures reliability and predictability in the daily flow of various supplies.

With the automated logistics solutions, we combine industry leading solutions for controlling mechanics with state-of-the-art technology in Automated Guided Vehicles and RFID to collect and enhance real-time tracking data for hands-free daily operation.

Integration of mobile units and AGVs

By automating internal transportation, maximum flexibility and productivity in terms of space and room utilisation can be achieved.

We deliver fully automated end-to-end solutions with integration of state-of-the-art AGV (automated guided vehicles) and AMR (autonomous mobile robots) solutions into new or existing manufacturing infrastructure.

The AGV technology is easy to integrate without changing existing in-house transport layout.

Autonomous forklifts in use at a joint Jorgensen Engineering/Brüel Systems solution

OEE — our gold standard

Do more with less

Using Jorgensen's high-end robotic technology means higher speed and accuracy resulting in lowered operational costs.

Jorgensen has been the high technology partner for global business leaders demanding increased productivity and highest quality standards. Our first and foremost task is to deliver the best automated solutions for all businesses. Challenge us!

Project management excellence

Project management is central to us. We take great pride in always being able to deliver demanding projects on time and within budget.

This has made us a capable project driven organisation utilising advanced project tools to ensure quick and safe deliveries, whether it be single machines or turnkey projects.

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