Infant formula

Jorgensen is known as the leader within projecting and delivering complete filling and packaging handling solutions for infant formula products.
In co-operation with major infant formula producers we have developed innovative systems to optimise product safety and hygiene in a very brand-conscious market.

Complete filling and packaging line for milk powder


Low care zone

Depalletising system
Depalletiser for scoop caps
Case packer
Palletising system

Medium care zone

Lid handling
Empty can cleaner
UV system
Full can cleaner
Leak tester
Laser printer
X-ray inspection

High care zone

Scoop inserter
Filling system
Vacuum & gassing
Low care zone
Medium care zone
High care zone

Let the customers do the talking

Excellent project execution

"Jorgensen have successfully implemented our high capacity line and after commissioning we have achieved a fast filling & packaging line with a high level of reliability and quality.

The best part of working with Jorgensen is the uncomplicated and frictionless way of work. Our main reason for recommending Jorgensen is the professionality from the sales until the aftersales. In general we were very satisfied with the project and all."

Pascal Roth, Project Manager at Hochdorf Swiss Nutrition

We can strongly recommend Jorgensen

"When we started to build this factory, we asked around in our network, and it was the same answer from all our partners saying: if you want high quality, you need to ask Jorgensen Engineering. What has been the essence for us from the very beginning is to have a state-of-the-art facility.

Jorgensen have delivered and lived up to our expectations. You can add us to the network now and say: if anyone is considering a compact line, we can strongly recommend working with Jorgensen."

Conny Twisttmann, CEO at FIPROS Nutrition

Succesful partnership during COVID-19

"I worked with Jorgensen Engineering for the integration of two packaging machines on our can lines. This year has not been easy for everyone as we had to adapt to the evolution of COVID-19.

Jorgensen dealt well with planning issues and changes of scope to provide a safe machine, with the right hygienic design and specifications following all the URS criteria. We worked together trough the project as partners and I can say that I chose the right company to make our project a success."

Thibault Blauvac, Project Engineer at Nestlé

Customer testimonials

  • "Professional, good chemistry and strong partnership"

    Arla Foods

    "Good people, open-minded, always looking for improvement"


    "We absolutely prefer integrated solutions like those Jorgensen provides"


    "High quality standards, strong engineering capabilities and dedicated"


  • "It is clear why Jorgensen have such a strong reputation"

    Kerry Group

    "Jorgensen are expert on project management — they are definitely on top of things"


    "Jorgensen have solid experience and understand the requirements for the infant formula business"

    HOCHDORF Swiss Nutrition

    "Jorgensen perform well above competition on efficiency"

    AR Carton

Project above contract level

FrieslandCampina — known as world's largest dairy co-operative and one of the top 5 dairy companies in the world — after successfully approving a state-of-the-art filling and packing line in the Netherlands:

"Jorgensen Engineering have successfully passed all performance qualifications and the technical availability is above contract level... and both FrieslandCampina and Jorgensen Engineering emphasise the positive team spirit and cooperation in all stages of the complete line project".

Discover the value of working with us

Safety and hygiene

Our first priority is productivity and food safety knowing the impact on our customers’ brand and outcome.

Through vision system, UV, cleaning, leak tester and other check points we ensure a monitored flow of the products in all zones.

Our equipment is made of stainless steel and is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance processes.

Automation expertise

Jorgensen line control provides state-of-the-art data collection, serialisation and traceability.

The full Jorgensen SCADA integration with MES/ERP level ensures transparency, identification and traceability at any specified stage of the supply chain. From production to distribution.

Our user friendly interfaces for operators are of a hygienic food proof design.

Serialisation and traceability

Consumer safety and brand protection is the main reason for integration of serialisation.

Furthermore you will benefit from product adulteration control, complete supply chain traceability and shared data across the organisation.

Project management excellence

Project management is a part of the DNA of our organisation. Being able to deliver huge projects on time and within budget is our ultimate goal.

With an effective project driven organisation and advanced project tools, we ensure a quick and safe delivery. From single machines to turnkey projects.

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