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Trust, dedication, flexibility, team spirit, customer focus and outcome.

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We accelerate customer success through innovative handling solutions.


We want to build tomorrow's solutions that make a difference for people, planet, and profit.


To protect consumers as well as our customers' brands, our subsuppliers are obliged to comply with our code of conduct.

Part of something bigger

Jorgensen Engineering has been a subsidiary of XANO since 2016.

XANO develops, acquires and operates niche engineering companies offering manufacturing and development services for industrial products and automation equipment. XANO’s Series B share has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 1988.
About XANO
Nasdaq-listed XANO employs 1000+ people in 9 countries

Jorgensen has delivered equipment and solutions for the food industry since 1933

Your business is our business

Our customers are the centre of our world and we ensure every solution is custom-made. We champion user-driven innovation in everything we do – to ensure our customers’ needs are at the very core of our business. Through competent and creative expertise we develop innovative and profitable solutions to meet every demand and any challenge. 

We aim to maintain our position as a leading brand and a preferred partner for complete solutions within packaging handling.

Trust above all

Our most important core value is trust. But how do you earn trust? You deliver quality and stay true to your word. Always. So that is what we do.

We are well aware that we cannot achieve our goals without working hard, staying humble and being passionate about what we do. That’s why we invest everything into delivering on our promises and creating the perfect fit for our clients’ needs.

Our clients might be facing large scale challenges with their packaging needs. This is where we thrive; when tackling complex and extensive production line projects – creating innovative solutions to interesting challenges.

Corporate social responsibility

Our social responsibility ensures that our processes and products do not have a negative impact on our customer's brand, people’s health or our environment.

Our external stakeholder relations are characterised by a long-term approach, where good business ethics and compliance with laws and regulations are a precondition for trust.

Anti-corruption is a part of our culture and operations. We respect generally accepted business practice and comply with United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC).

We take sustainability initiatives to reduce energy consumption and climate-impacting emissions.


Our passion is to see a smile on the face of our customers!

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Our history

We have been in business since 1933. The secret to our success is simple: we draw on our long experience while at the same time taking an active interest in new technologies.

To us, that is how progress is made.
  • 1933

    Bøg Jørgensens Maskinfabrik (later Jorgensen Engineering) is founded by Rasmus Bøg Jørgensen. The core business is fruit and vegetable processing equipment.
  • 1970

    A new business era is starting up with focus on conveying and retort handling systems.
  • 1982

    A new company name is introduced: Jorgensen Engineering a/s
  • 2011

    After more than 50 years in Hjallese, Jorgensen Engineering moves to a new and contemporary domicile in the business area Tietgen Byen in Odense.
  • 2016

    Jorgensen Engineering becomes a member of XANO Group.
  • 2022

    New green paradigm — a focus on sustainability and serving the EV industry.


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