Innovative automation solutions across all industries.


    Making the right decisions before real-world changes.


    Choosing the right industrial robot to meet your specific needs.

Benefit from our focus on Industry 4.0

Serialisation &

Unique identification and full traceability, from single unit to pallet level.

Optimisation, OEE & performance

Improving effectiveness and minimising downtime through data collection.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Instant remote access and constant availability via digital technologies.

Robot integration &
line control

Integration of a wide spectrum of robotic applications and data.


3D printing ensures rapid prototyping, shorter lead time and less risk.

Simulation &

Better decision-making by predicting real-world performance.

Want to reduce risk and improve outcome?

Digital twins are the answer!

Better decision-making with simulation

"We program PLC and robot software on a virtual platform — Digital Twin — before the physical twin is assembled. This reduces manufacturing time as our automation team is working in parallel with our mechanical team, letting us finish the physical equipment simultaneously with the software that runs it.

We use the risk free environment to assist our customers' decision-making by testing and exploring different "what-if" scenarios. In order to save time and money, and with insight into dynamics without putting production at risk."

Jesper S. Pedersen, Automation Engineer at Jorgensen

Wish to accelerate your automation?

We assist you in every step of your automating process

Our solutions

Pioneer in handling & robotic system integration

FANUC, ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa, Nachi...

We have decades of robotics experience integrating major industrial brands for a large variety of applications.

We integrate COBOTS and AGV solutions to develop your business and increase your manufacturing efficiency.

Pouches, cartons, cans, composite containers, bottles, cups, plastic trays, aluminium trays... in short, all kinds of packages.

Benefit from our unrivalled automated handling expertise!

Challenge us

All your automation needs covered

We handle all kinds of packages for leading industry brands.
Innovation, sustainability and digitalisation are crucial to us.

Whatever the industry, we can help create the optimal handling solution!

Other industries

Whatever your industry, we can help create the optimal handling solution!

Other industries


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