Jorgensen has delivered customised solutions for the food industry since 1933, so we are familiar with the demanding conditions in this competitive business.
Together with leading food producers we have developed innovative packaging handling systems to match the industry's needs for automation, speed, safety and hygiene.

Handling system for packaged food


Loading/unloading section

Line 1: pouches
Line 2: pots & bowls
Line 3: pots & bowls
Filling machine

End-of-line section

Case packer
Palletising system

Industry leading handling systems

Our packaged food handling solutions

"We know all the pains and gains in the food industry and have developed state-of-the-art handling systems to the segment for years.

Demanding drivers in the food business are efficiency, flexibility, quality, food safety and traceability. Our aim is to address all these challenging issues and deliver the market's most innovative solutions."

Per V. Rasmussen, Sales Manager at Jorgensen


Let the customers do the talking

Excellent solutions and strong partnership

"I had the pleasure of working with Jorgensen Engineering on a huge project in Korea for a very ambitious and leading food supplier. The project included 3 Jorgensen packaging handling lines for ready meals. The scope of supply was fully automated lines with 14 robots, various unloading/loading conveyors, buffer system, line control and tracking system.
I must say that I appreciate Jorgensen's continuous support, excellent solutions and outstanding service. This is more than just a buyer-supplier relationship. It really shows the advantage of a strong and value-added partnership!"

Simone Ondelli, Regional Project Manager at JBT FoodTech

Know‐how, competence and project skills

"Know‐how already starts in the design phase and affects how we do the installation — and Jorgensen is great here! Jorgensen is competent, open‐minded and always looking for improvements."


"We use Jorgensen as a system integrator and on technical know‐how, we have good experiences with Jorgensen. This is one of the reasons we do all the projects with them and they are one of our preferred suppliers."


Innovation, flexibility and great support

"Customer service second to none! I’m really impressed and very thankful for the prompt response and action. Throughout the years I have repeatedly experienced Jorgensen's excellent support and dedicated staff. And Jorgensen's agile responsiveness once again confirms that we have chosen the right equipment partner."

Bo Boesen, Technical Manager at Cocio (Arla Foods)


"Our customers want more and more different food products. So we had to find a solution to enable us to be more flexible and adaptive to the market needs. That's why we selected Jorgensen. They are professional, reliable and innovative!"

Frans Habraken, Head of Engineering at Peka Kroef

Discover the value of working with us

High technology partner

The food industry is undergoing a rapid transformation in a very competitive market. Automation, robotisation and line efficiency initiatives are taken to boost revenues and cutting costs for profitability growth.

To achieve these key initiatives and comply with Industry 4.0 Jorgensen has throughout the years been the high technology partner for major food players demanding highest standards for the packaged food production.

Project management excellence

Being able to deliver complex projects on time and within budget is our ultimate goal and makes project management absolutely crucial to us.

By using advanced tools in an effective project driven organisation we ensure a quick and safe delivery, from single machines to turnkey projects.

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