EV battery industry

The electric vehicle market is seeing exponential global growth, subsequently boosting the EV battery market.
Since 1933 Jorgensen has delivered innovative handling solutions across well-established industries and now the disruptive automotive & EV battery sector is benefitting from our long-standing and extensive handling expertise.

Handling system for EV battery cells

Loading/unloading system
Pattern forming

Solutions for the EV battery market

Cylindrical, prismatic and pouch cells

"We are a system integrator for EV battery production lines. And no matter the cell type we connect production, accumulation and conveying systems to achieve the required flexibility, handling speed, product quality and output.

Don’t speculate, simulate! Our in-house simulation & emulation tools ensure the customer the optimal process before manufacturing kick-off. With our Line Care concept, we can maintain OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and support the customer 24/7 via Augmented Reality online connection."

Joachim K. Christensen, Sales Manager at Jorgensen

Case: high-speed battery cell handling

The challenge...

The customer requested a high-speed conveying and buffering system to be integrated into European and US production lines for EV battery cells.

Top-level issues as high-speed, gentle handling, flexible transport, clean environment requirements and product quality check were all crucial for the customer.

The solution...

The Jorgensen handling solution for cylindrical battery cells meets the customer's strict requirements.

To handle WHAT IF scenarios and to make better decisions before production, Jorgensen's in-house simulation & emulation tools have reduced costs and offered profitable insight into manufacturing dynamics.

The outcome is a highly flexible solution adapted to multiple production floors with gentle and clean handling of the cylindrical cells. All at highest speed!

It's all about productivity, risks and costs

Innovation since 1933

Using Jorgensen's high-end robotic technology means higher speed and accuracy resulting in lowered operational costs.

Jorgensen has been the high technology partner for global business leaders demanding increased productivity and highest quality standards. Our first and foremost task is to deliver the best automated solutions for all businesses. Challenge us!

Project management excellence

Project management is an integral part of our organisation. Being able to deliver complex projects on time and within budget is our ultimate goal.

An effective project driven organisation and advanced project tools ensure a quick and safe delivery, from single machines to turnkey projects.

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