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Jorgensen Engineering after sales service agreementIs uptime your priority?
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jra [at] jorgensen [dot] dk (Contact us for more information).

Jorgensen Engineering at your serviceService contact
jeservice [at] jorgensen [dot] dk





Mick Kabel Andersen
After Sales Manager
mka [at] jorgensen [dot] dk


Peter Skov Schlüssel
Operations Manager, After Sales
pss [at] jorgensen [dot] dk


Thomas Frøtorp
Installation manager
tf [at] jorgensen [dot] dk


Helle Rimmen
Spare parts department
spareparts [at] jorgensen [dot] dk


Our service approach

  • Service availability
    Prompt service every day, all year round
  • Service reliability
    Accurate and dependable service
  • Service persistency
    "We refuse to give up until the problem is solved"
  • Service mindedness
    Fair, competent and co-operative approach
"Our target: 100% uptime, optimization and extended lifetime of your equipment"

Customized service packages

— to fit your needs

We maximize your productivity with our targeted after sales service and customized service contracts .

  • Preventive, corrective & optimizing maintenance
  • Tailored training courses & expert support

Experienced global support

— wherever you are

Our service team is ready to solve any specific problem that you may have. Jorgensen Engineering has approx. 30 in-depth trained specialists with:

  • World wide installation experience
  • Experienced approach to local codes/regulations

Customized spare parts services

— with life time coverage

Our spare parts team is ready to minimize downtime with original spare parts and worldwide distribution.

  • Skilled technical support
  • Spare parts quality and availability