Solutions for

The pet food industry

In a competitive market for pets' well-being

The growing awareness of the importance of a healthy and proper diet for our animals' well-being puts pressure on the pet food industry. With more than 70 million families having a dog or a cat, the market for quality pet food is growing accordingly.

Pet food producers are continually forced to optimize products, packages and processes, and Jorgensen has helped the industry for years. Thus Jorgensen has a long and well documented reference list within pet food handling with delivery of several innovative solutions for cans, alu trays and pouches.

And since 1933 we have ensured our customers a high degree of automation, operational reliability and efficiency.

Jorgensen Engineering handles all kinds of pet food packaging - cans, aluminium trays, cartons and pouches

We handle

All kinds of packages:

  • Cans
  • Alu trays
  • Bottles
  • Pouches
  • Pots and cups
  • Cartons

We supply

A selection of our pet food industry customers

  • Saturn Petcare
  • C & D Foods
  • Butcher's
  • Arovit Petfood

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Robotic handling of packages

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