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From the December issue of Food and Drink Business Europe:

C&D Foods — and many others — have benefitted from the expertise of the Danish packaging handling leader Jorgensen Engineering.

Gentle handling of all kinds of packages
Gentle handling of all kinds of packages

C&D Foods — a long term relationship

The C&D Foods group started doing business with Jorgensen Engineering back in 1972. Since then Jorgensen has been selected for numerous packaging handling solutions to C&D Foods. From one-off conveyors to complete and fully automated retort handling systems to handle all kind of packages as cans, alu trays and pouches.

Customized innovations

C&D Foods is a leader in the pet food industry but throughout the years Jorgensen has developed and produced several loading/unloading systems to many other customers ranging from semiautomatic machinery to complete and fully automatic lines with robots. Today hundreds of customers in the food, pet food, pharmaceutical and milk powder industries are profiting from innovative, flexible and highly efficient solutions from the Danish packaging handling expert.

Survival of the safest!

Product quality and safety are some of the most important issues facing the above mentioned industries today. The answer is not only innovative machines but also monitoring production data by means of optimized control and data systems. As a leader within packaging handling, Jorgensen matches the strict requirements with appropriate machinery and detective features guaranteeing safe and traceable quality products.

Fully automatic retort handling system with robots
Fully automatic retort handling system with robots

See a robotic loading system in action

Jorgensen Engineering - Innovative Packaging Handling

Jorgensen Engineering is a distinctive expert within packaging handling solutions, and the Group is partnering with international companies which produce foods for humans and pets, pharmaceuticals and infant formulas. Especially the latest of these four segments is currently booming, and the large players within baby foods now demand even tougher standards on e.g. traceability when they order sophisticated packaging handling systems at the Danish Jorgensen Engineering.

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Jorgensen has developed an innovative robot palletizing system for the Danish food company Robert Damkjær.

The system includes 2 robots, 4 palletizing lines, pallet magazines, carton sheet handling and shuttle system.
The robot system is a combination of Fanuc's technologies and Jorgensen's know-how and ability to provide customized solutions.

Benefits to mention are: fully automatic palletizing and pallet shift, quick changeover, intelligent and accurate picking of units, reduced operational and staffing costs, simple and user friendly operating interface, service friendliness and low maintenance cost. The customized gripper and flexibility of the multi-axis robot allow effective and reliable palletizing, and together with the remote support the robotic palletizer provides optimum productivity.

See video of Jorgensen’s new robot palletizing:

Jorgensen Engineering is one of the global leaders within projecting, constructing and building of complete packaging handling solutions for foods and pharmaceuticals.
One of the business areas is packaging systems for infant formula products, and in co-operation with a major player within milk powders, Jorgensen has just recently constructed an advanced robotic system for placing portioning scoops in canned infant formulas.

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Jorgensen Engineering a/s har udviklet et innovativt robotsystem til pick-and-place opgaver. På Interpack blev der vist en kombineret robot- og scannerløsning, som er produceret til flere større fødevarekunder.

Fødevaregiganter som bl.a. Abbott, Arla Foods og Numeco har i flere år efterspugt mere hygiejniske, fleksible og ikke mindst effektive løsninger, når det gælder håndtering af doseringsskeer i fødevareindustrien. Til dette behov har Jorgensen derfor udviklet et nyt robotkoncept, der udfordrer markedets mere traditionelle, mekaniske løsninger.

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Abbott Laboratories, a major infant formula manufacturer in Ireland, has expanded its production potential through the integration of new robotic technology. The concept enables the manufacturer to pick and place items such as scoops, cans, cups, cartons and stand-up pouches at higher speeds and with greater accuracy.

Abbott Laboratories is in the middle of a major expansion of its baby food division, and needed to increase production capacity while at the same time improve safety and hygiene. Danish engineering firm Jorgensen was chosen for this project to deliver a complete can packaging line - from the depalletising of empty cans to the palletising of the finished product (milk powder and scoops).

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Den danske mejerikoncern Arla Foods har installeret en ny produktionslinie til mælkepulver, hvor den nyeste robotteknologi er implementeret.

Mælkepulver og mere højtforædlede pulverprodukter så som infant formula i forbrugerpakninger er ét af Arla Foods' strategiske kerneområder og med den nye linie skal Arlas position styrkes yderligere.

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