In the pursuit of micro leaks

Compact and reliable leak tester for detection of micro leaks in cans

Jorgensen’s new leak tester provides reliable quality assurance

The Danish specialist in packaging handling, Jorgensen Engineering, is once again in the leading position and introduces a new and innovative system for detection of leaks in cans.

In cooperation with one of the leaders in the infant formula business, Jorgensen Engineering has developed a compact helium leak detector for quality assurance of filled metal cans.

The compact and hygienic test unit is fully integrable with existing lines and line control, and by means of vacuum and helium, leaks can be located.

Compared to conventional testing devices this new leak tester is more accurate with detection of even the smallest leaks. Thus leaks are revealed if penetrated helium from the seamed cans is detected by the vacuumization. All in a very short cycle time with easy change-over and minimum service.


  • 1 to 12 random cans per test batch
  • 30-40 test samples per hour
  • Easy integration to existing line
  • Flexible setting of various quality standards
  • Adjustable to spec. production requirements
  • Feedback to the line control
  • Easy change-over and minimum service
  • Automatic and manual operation modes
  • Gentle handling of cans without denting
  • Hygienic design
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