One of Europe's leaders in the field nutrition and infusion therapy has ordered a complete loading/unloading system for retorts handling pouches (doypack bags).
Jorgensen has in the last few years delivered several complete systems for handling of the flexible pouches within the food industry as well as in the pharmaceutical business.

Together with one of the leading milk powder manufacturers in the world Jorgensen has developed an efficient can cleaner.

Removes powder and other unwanted foreign bodies from the surface of filled cans.

  • Efficient cleaning with air and vacuum

  • Robust and compact design

  • Adjustable cleaning areas

  • ...

Jorgensen has successfully participated at the Interpack 2002 in Düsseldorf in Germany and we thank all our business associates who visited our stand and showed interest in our new loading/unloading equipment.

We will deal with all enquiries within the very near future.

One of Europe's leading manufacturers of petfood has ordered 3 fully automatic stations for unloading of alu-trays with petfood. The order includes automatic retort crate handling.
One of the major health care manufacturers in the world has ordered a complete conveying system for pouches and glass jars containing health care products.
One of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies has ordered a complete powder packaging line for various can sizes with baby food.
The largest manufacturer of metal packaging in Scandinavia has ordered a complete lid conveying system comprising various belt conveyors, magnetic elevators and lid separators.
The JFM 750 shredder converts a whole block of product, cheese, butter, copha etc. weight up to 20 kilo, to shredded form in under 30 seconds without the need for prior block size reduction. Simply a shredder with a very good end result.

The blocks are placed in the loading station. The shredding disc will begin to rotate and the...

To cut high quality squares, rectangles or wedges from peeled carrots, potatoes etc.

The product to be cut is placed in a chamber. Whilst closing the lid, the product is pushed through a knife block by pneumatic piston.

To be supplied with interchangeable feeding tubes and pushers to accommodate for different product sizes.

Used for different kinds of conical buckets.

  • Flexible handling of plastic and tinplate buckets

  • Gentle handling ensured through an optimised design

  • Robust and compact design ensures optimal space

  • Tailored to all individual products