New state-of-the-art orders: Jorgensen is serving the world's leading brands in infant formula powder

The very high activity level in the milk powder field continues and the demand for Jorgensen's expertise in powder packaging handling continues equivalently.

One of the world's largest dairy companies has pointed out Jorgensen to deliver a state-of-the-art milk powder line to the Netherlands.
The complete line includes robot palletizing, leak testers, vacuum & gas units, buffers, conveyors etc.
Furthermore a major French dairy group has ordered its first Jorgensen milk powder line including robotic depalletizer, can cleaner, UV, robotic scoop inserter, gas unit, lid handling, buffer together with sub-supplier deliveries as seamer and filler.

Jorgensen Engineering state-of-the-art scoop inserter system
State-of-the-art scoop inserter system