Filling lines for milk powder

Handling of all kinds of packages and scoops
Picking and placing scoops in empty cans prior to powder filling
360 degree vision camera for inspection scanning
Vacuumizing and gassing unit (clinched can principle)
Closed discharge for minimum residual oxygen
Compact and reliable leak tester for detection of micro leaks in cans

Scope of supply
From single machines to complete filling and packaging lines for infant formula and milk powder.

Clinched and open can systems.

Filling line inclusion

  • Depalletising
  • Lid handling
  • Cleaning and feeding of empty cans
  • Filling
  • Scoop inserting
  • Check weighing
  • Clinching/seaming
  • Air evacuation and gas flushing
  • Labelling
  • Case packing and palletising

Jorgensen powder handling

  • Gentle handling of all kind of packages
  • Low consumption of gas compared to pregassing systems
  • Minimum residual O2 ensures improved product quality (O2 < 0.4%)
  • High efficiency combined with sanitary design and easy cleaning
  • Prepared for future materials, sizes and shapes e.g. composite, plastic etc.

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